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Open Up Resources-Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum Users' Group

Session 4: Engage in MPIRs and Dig i to Units 6 & 7


  • Cheryl Matern


Teachers will become familiar with Open Up Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum for middle school.  They will learn about how the shifts of Common Core Mathematics, focus, coherence, and rigor, are built into the curriculum. They will learn about the various components of the website and how to navigate the website.At each session, teachers will focus on specific units at each grade level to understand the content, models used for learning, learning expectations, and the learning progression.

August 20 - Session 1: Introduce Open Up, Overview of the progressions in the curriculum and Dive into Unit 1 with each grade level

October 1 - Session 2: Engage in math together, Dive into Units 2 and 3 with each grade level

December 3 - Session 3: Engage in math together, Dive into Units 4 and 5 with each grade level

February 11 - Session 4: Engage in math together, Dive into Units 6 and 7 with each grade level

April 22 - Session 5: Engage in math together, Dive into Units 8 and 9 with each grade level

Event Notes

You can register for each session separately, but if you register for more than 1, there is a discount:

1 class-$140

2 classes-$260 (discount of $20)

3 classes-$360 (discount of $60)

4 classes-$440 (discount of $120)

all 5 classes-$500 (discount of $200)

Contact Lynne Forbush at to register with discounts.


Capital Region ESD 113
6005 Tyee Dr SW Tumwater WA 98512


  • Mon, February 11 2019 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM


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