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# Begins Sponsor Title Price Status
82848 9/2/17 Mercer Island Stanford University Online Mathematical Mindsets Course (Mercer Island-82848) Education XEDUC215N Mathematical Mindsets Free Register for Event 82848
88893 Ongoing Mercer Island IMS-Book Study: Grading From the Inside Out Book Study (Optional Clockhours) (Mercer Island-88893) IMS Staff Only With Emily Mills, Mary Jo Budzius Free Register for Event 88893
88698 Aug 20 Mercer Island MISD-New Special Education Boot Camp (Optional/Clock hours) (Mercer Island-88698) Join Our Club! With Julie Riccio Free Register for Event 88698
87257 Aug 22 Mercer Island Center for Collaborative Support Powerful Learning Conference (Mercer Island-87257) August 2019 Free Register for Event 87257
88916 Aug 29 Mercer Island MISD Instructional Technology Day 2019 (Mercer Island-88916) Full day of technology integration for all certificated staff With Jamie Prescott Free Register for Event 88916