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Jun 26 Promising Practices in Addressing Absenteeism & Improving Learning Outcomes (PSESD-72922)
With Angelica Alvarez, Marques Gittens, Nicole Chu, Talent Development Secondary, Teneh Weller
Free Register for Event 72922
Jun 27 Verbal S.W.A.T - Strategies With Authority and Tact (PSESD-72345) Free Wait List for Event 72345
With Laura Matson
$300.00 4 Seats Left for Event 71710
Jun 28 Arts Impact: Summer Conference 2018 (PSESD-71842)
Project-based Learning and the Arts
With Beverly Harding Buehler, Carol Gould, Dave Quicksall, Debbie Gilbert, Meredith Essex
$250.00 Wait List for Event 71842
Jul 2 Transition Make and Take (PSESD-72494)
With Abby Smith, Laura Matson
Free Register for Event 72494
Improving Student Success with Systems Thinking
With Tracy Benson
$599.00 Register for Event 71708
Jul 30 AWSP Leadership Training (PSESD-72232)
Administered by PSESD
With Carla Jackson, Claudia Thompson, Jamie Huizinga
$50.00 Wait List for Event 72232
Jul 30 Danielson Instructional Framework - Stage 1 (King County) (PSESD-72224)
Administered by PSESD
With Michelle Lewis
$50.00 Register for Event 72224
Jul 31 CEL 5D Teacher Overview Train the Trainers (TOTT) TPEP (PSESD-72635)
With Cheryl Lydon
Free Register for Event 72635
Aug 1 2018 Strengthening School Safety (S3) in Puget Sound - Plan, Prepare, Practice! (PSESD-72062)
With Michael Dorn
$150.00 Register for Event 72062
Aug 1 Data Coaching for Equity (PSESD-72596)
With Hilary Loeb, Sarita Siqueiros Thornburg
$400.00 Register for Event 72596
Aug 6 CEL 5D+ Instructional Framework - Stage 1 (PSESD-72005)
Administered by PSESD
With Cheryl Lydon
$50.00 Register for Event 72005
Aug 6 Reaching All Students Through Authentic Mixed Method Assessment (PSESD-71812)
Reaching All Students
$295.00 Register for Event 71812
Aug 6 Series: Putting the Learner First (PSESD-72001)
Learner First 2-Day Series
$531.00 Register for Event 72001
Aug 6 Arts Impact Summer Institute 2018 - Tacoma (PSESD-71976)
With Beverly Harding Buehler, Dave Quicksall, Gary Reed, Grace Washington, Meredith Essex
$850.00 Register for Event 71976
Aug 7 CASTL Summer Institute - Renton (PSESD-72297)
Collaboration for Ambitious Science Teacher Learning
With Cheryl Lydon
$75.00 Wait List for Event 72297
Aug 7 Cultivating a Strong School Library Program (PSESD-71975)
Pre-Institute for Beginning Teacher Librarians and Paraeducator Librarians
$150.00 Register for Event 71975
Aug 7 Diving Into Deeper Learning (PSESD-71828)
Diving Into Deeper Learning
$295.00 Register for Event 71828
Aug 8 Heart, Head, and Hands: Culturally Responsive Libraries (PSESD-71971)
2018 Teacher Librarian Institute
$150.00 Register for Event 71971
Aug 13 Arts Impact Summer Institute 2018 - Seattle (PSESD-71983)
With Beverly Harding Buehler, Debbie Gilbert, Mylen Huggins, Rachel Atkins
$850.00 Register for Event 71983
Aug 15 Series: Focus on Student Resilience (PSESD-72426)
Trauma Informed Practices for Social Emotional Learning
With Amy Okeze, Kim Beeson
$1,000.00 Register for Event 72426
Aug 16 Special Education Data Dive (In person) (PSESD-72801)
August In Person
With Laura Matson
Free Register for Event 72801