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  • Pete Phillips


This class is intended to help you figure out how to wrangle all those devices that are coming into your classroom anyway - devices that students bring from home, as well as those purchased by your school.  There are as many device management situations as there are classrooms.  Your situation will certainly be unique, but whether you're in a classroom with a 1:1 ratio of school owned devices, a school where students bring and share their own devices, or a combination of the above, you can make the technology work for you.  It takes a little planning and a few solid policies – but it’s worth it to use what you’ve got to engage students and help them take their learning to the next level! Because each classroom is so unique, this course will give you a solid foundation for building your own device management strategy – but it won’t give you a “formula”.  You’ll make a plan, not a prescription.  You’ll get lots of ideas about what to consider when you’re increasing your use of technology in the classroom, how to organize devices so they’re not a “speed bump” that slows down your instruction, and ways to teach procedures that help your students use their digital devices as seamlessly as they use books, rulers and pencils.  Throughout this four (4) week course, you’ll have opportunities to try new strategies, build new skills and collaborate with others.


  • Mon, September 18 12:00 AM - Mon, October 16 2017 11:59 PM


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