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# Begins Date Partner Event Price Registration Action
153051 Mar 22 3/22 ESD 105 Safety-Care Specialist Certification (ESD 105-153051)
Redefining Crisis Prevention 2022-23
Free Register
154260 Mar 22 3/22 ESD 105 Science: How Does Energy Change in a Collision, STEM, Grade 4, 2023 (ESD 105-154260)
Science, Energy Change in a Collision, in-person & on-line course, 2023
$70.00 Register
153072 Mar 22 3/22 ESD 113 SMS - HR Budget - Part 2 (ESD 113-153072) Free Register
153124 Mar 22 3/22 OSPI Supporting Student Access to Career Preparation and Apprenticeships (OSPI-153124) Free Register
154064 Mar 22 3/22 OSPI School/Housing Community Partnerships (OSPI-154064)
Session Opportunity 3 of 4 by Building Changes
Free Register
152768 Mar 22 3/22 NWESD Motivational Interviewing in Education Webinar (NWESD-152768)
Using MI skills to reduce power struggles and burnout
Free Register
154253 Mar 22 3/22 ESD 105 How Can We Predict When The Sky Will be Dark? STEM (ESD 105-154253)
Science, Predict When Sky Will be Dark, Grade 1, 2023, (Split: In-person - online course)
$70.00 Register
154401 Mar 22 3/22 NCESD Sustainability and Sovereignty in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs (NCESD-154401) Free Register
154210 Mar 22 3/22 OSPI WTSA 2023 State Conference (OSPI-154210) Free Register
144300 Mar 23 3/23 NCESD Skyward Student Future Scheduling Lab (ESD) (NCESD-144300)
Onsite- Cottonwood 4
Free Register

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