Handling Controversial Issues Professionally

Values Question Protocol: Skills that apply to issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation and religion

Administered by OESD 114


  • Leah R. Kyaio


It is not possible, or desirable, to provide value-free education. It is also likely living and engaging in our community that value-laden questions will arise, even those that are in opposition to our personal beliefs. Questions which have a value component must be answered with care -- expressing your own personal values might hurt or offend a child and their family. As community members, care is required to ensure mutual respect and room for all perspectives.

Employees of public schools and other public agencies have an ethical obligation not to side with one family or one religious perspective or one child over another. People absolutely need a chance -- at home -- to explore feelings and beliefs with those they love. Schools and community organizations also need the skills to teach factual information and to reinforce universal, community values.

Having those tools that don't share or teach particular values on controversial issues while allowing education and open discussion about the issues is crucial, particularly in these often confusing times. It must be done with respect for the diversity of opinion within our community. 

The Values Question Protocol is a tool to support educators and community members to be able to answer value-laden questions while honoring these realities.


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