Hapara Certified Champion Educator Program

Hapara Certified Champion Educator Program

Get one-on-one coaching support from a Hapara Certified Trainer while going through the course!

Mon, April 9 12:00 AM - Mon, May 7 2018 11:59 PM

Administered by NCESD


  • Randy Fairfield


The Hapara Champion program is designed as a series of leveled certification courses focused on creating skilled Hapara users with a positive, transformative outlook on instructional technology. 

Most of the content and activities will be asynchronous; approximately 5 hours of each course will be live, synchronous. Scheduling will be flexible to accommodate participants from around the world.

Throughout your participation in this program, you will receive 1:1 support from Hapara Certified Trainer, Randy Fairfield. 

The courses are intended to be completed in order (Educator, Scholar, then Trainer). Applicants with no previous Hapara certification will only be accepted to the Champion Educator program.

The Hapara Champion program is highly-selective, and applicants are not guaranteed to be admitted, particularly at the higher levels of certification.

There is an additional $10 examination fee to be paid at the end of the course.

Educators must apply to the Hapara Champion Educator Program by 3/19/18. Applicants that are accepted and then eligible to receive clock hours and coaching support.

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Event Notes

To be eligible to receive clock hours and one-on-one coaching, payment of $69 must be paid here: http://www.misteredtech.com/courses/


  • Mon, April 9 - Mon, May 7 2018
    12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


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