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GATE Equity Webinar Series

Monthly Webinars

Administered by OSPI


  • Kefi Andersen
  • Barbara Dittrich
  • Jason Boatwright
  • Lori Wyborney
  • Marty Robinette
  • Marianna Goheen


GATE Equity Webinar is going to offer even more great content this year with two webinars every second Wednesday of the month! If you want to improve your system of supports, data use, instruction, and student achievement, this is the webinar for you.

GATE Equity Webinar helps growth minded educators and education advocates to learn from Washington districts who are closing opportunity gaps. Using OSPI data and experience from the field, GATE Equity webinar reveals the systems that drive success, an equity focus, and the key strategies that are getting students to graduation.

GATE Equity Webinar links research and best practice featuring education experts and Washington practitioners with findings on equity in graduation, such as attendance, 9th graders on-track, dual credit, discipline, community partnerships, and building strong teams. The goal of GATE Equity Webinar isn't merely to inform, but to give you insights to apply at schools, in your offices, and throughout your life.

In the morning, we will continue to bring you stories from districts who are doing great work. Starting in September, we're also adding a new specialized bonus webinar in the afternoons focusing in on specific student groups. These webinars will offer supports for students with disabilities, English Learners, ALE students and more while taking a deeper look at our topic for the month.

This month we’re focused on Dual Credit-TO EARN THE 3 CLOCK HOURS, YOU MUST ATTEND BOTH WEBINARS AND COMPLETE THE ONE-HOUR PRE-READING ASSIGNMENT, "Dual Credit System Improvement Guide."

Event Notes

10:00 am

Dual Credit 101: Increasing Equitable Access and Supporting Success 


Host - Kefi Andersen 

Jason Boatwright 

Barbara Dittrich 

Lori Wyborney from Spokane SD 


  • Take a look at the Dual Credit System Improvement Guide 

  • Get a state view of dual credit participation

  • Rogers High School will share their strategy for dual credit

  • Resource sharing 


  • Understand what dual credit is and what participation looks like in Washington 

  • Self-Assess access to dual credit 

  • Come up with some action steps 

  • Get to ask questions of Rogers High School on their implementation of dual credit 

Join Spokane Public Schools and team members of OSPI's dual credit supervisors to get a look into Washington's dual credit participation and the implications for dual credit offerings around the state. You'll get a chance to self-assess, action plan, and hear the amazing story of how Rogers High School used dual credit opportunities to boost student outcomes. 


Dual Credit 201: Engaging Students Through Career & Technical Education Dual Credit 

Presenters Bonnie Zimmerman

Kim Reykdal 

Barbara Dittrich 

Jason Boatwright 

Marianna Goheen 

Bonnie Smith from Toppenish SD 


  • Establishing definitions of dual credit CTE

  • Outlining the ideal for dual credit programming 

  • Toppenish School District will share their strategy for CTE dual credit

  • Resource sharing 


  • Understand what dual credit CTE is and what participation looks like in Washington 

  • Establish a broad picture of the ideal setup for multiple pathways – the lattice

  • Understand the implications financial aid on future planning

  • Get a broad picture of the differences in requirements between credits

  • Get to ask questions of Toppenish School District on their implementation of dual credit 

  • Get access to resources to support CTE

Calling all school counselors! We'll have Toppenish School District with us to talk about their approach to Career & Technical Education Dual Credit. Learn about how they are creating flexible pathways and get resources to help your CTE program. 

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  • Wed, March 13 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    Check-In: 9:45 AM
  • Wed, March 13 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Check-In: 12:45 PM


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