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Science Events

# Begins Region Title Price Status
73785 Ongoing ESD 113 National Geographic Educator Certification Workshop - Phase Two / Three (ESD 113-73785) Phase One must be completed prior to registering for Phase Two /Three Free Register for Event 73785
85989 Ongoing PSESD MIHS-CCR and PE PLC 2018-2019 (required/clockhours) (Mercer Island-85989) With Jennifer McLellan Free Closed
86022 Ongoing PSESD PLC MIHS Science NGSS STEM and TPEP (Mercer Island-86022) With James Cooke Free Register for Event 86022
73218 Ongoing ESD 171 2018-19 Cashmere School District Late Starts: Onoing Development of Professional Learning Communities to Support Highly Effective Schools (Cashmere-73218) With Rhett Morgan, Sean McKenna, Tony Boyle Free Register for Event 73218
72578 Ongoing ESD 171 HS OER Course 3 Development Project (ESD 171-72578) With Andy Boyd, Mechelle LaLanne Free Register for Event 72578
72443 Ongoing ESD 123 NEW Science Foundational Kit Use Workshops (ESD 123-72443) K-5th Grade $145.00 Info
83616 9/26/18 ESD 113 Math Practices, Mindsets, and Projects-Based Learning (ESD 113-83616) STEM Focused Free Register for Event 83616
72942 Ongoing ESD 171 MS Collaboration for Ambitious Science Teaching Leaders (CASTL) (STEM Related) (ESD 171-72942) Free 3 Seats Left for Event 72942
85585 Ongoing ESD 113 Climate Fellows (ESD 113-85585) Free Register for Event 85585
82917 Ongoing NWESD Computer Science Network (NWESD-82917) With Amy Colburn Free Register for Event 82917
84027 Ongoing ESD 171 Digging Deeper into the Next Generation Science Standards (Eastmont-84027) Free Register for Event 84027
84086 Ongoing ESD 113 Elementary Science Leadership (Olympia-84086) With Carmen Kardokus Free Register for Event 84086
84708 Ongoing OESD 114 NASA's Cutting Edge Crosscutting Concepts Series (Bremerton) (OESD 114-84708) Free Register for Event 84708
84711 Ongoing OESD 114 NASA's Cutting Edge Crosscutting Concepts Series (Port Angeles) (OESD 114-84711) Free Register for Event 84711
85983 Ongoing ESD 171 Science in Our Valley Seminar Series (ESD 171-85983) Free Register for Event 85983
85748 Ongoing ESD 113 Intro to NGSS and Intro to NGSS II (Olympia-85748) Dissect Science Standards With Carmen Kardokus Free Register for Event 85748
85433 Feb 20 OESD 114 K-8 Introduction to Edison Robotics (Bremerton) (OESD 114-85433) $20.00 1 Seats Left for Event 85433
85038 Feb 22 ESD 113 Google Classroom (Shelton-85038) Free Register for Event 85038
84024 Feb 23 OSPI Transforming Student Learning with EdTech Standards (OSPI-84024) Longview, WA (Sharyn Merrigan, Ron Wagner, presenters) Free Register for Event 84024
85953 Feb 23 OESD 114 Islandwood Presents "Science in Your Schoolyard" (OESD 114-85953) (Location: Hilder Pearson Elementary, Poulsbo) Free Wait List for Event 85953