Elementary Teacher Events

# Begins Region Title Price Status
82364 Ongoing ESD 171 2018-19 Methow Valley Professional Development Series (Methow Valley-82364) MVSD PD Series With Anne Andersen Free Register for Event 82364
72443 Ongoing ESD 123 NEW Science Foundational Kit Use Workshops (ESD 123-72443) Kindergarten & 3rd-5th Grade $145.00 Info
83256 Ongoing OESD 114 BEST Grant QVSD New Teacher Induction Program In-District Roundtables Mentees (Quillayute Valley-83256) Free Register for Event 83256
83247 Ongoing OESD 114 EARLY RELEASE - Grade/Content/Dept (Quillayute Valley-83247) Free Register for Event 83247
83806 Ongoing PSESD MISD New Teacher Literacy Workshops (Mercer Island-83806) With Emily Temple Free Register for Event 83806
83616 Ongoing ESD 113 Math Practices, Mindsets, and Projects-Based Learning (ESD 113-83616) STEM Focused Free Register for Event 83616
83078 Ongoing NWESD 2018-19 Math Learning Network (NWESD-83078) $25.00 Register for Event 83078
84086 Ongoing ESD 113 Elementary Science Leadership (Olympia-84086) With Carmen Kardokus Free Register for Event 84086
84914 Ongoing ESD 171 Kindergarten and Early Childhood Book Study: Purposeful Play By Kristine Mraz, Alison Porcelli, and Cheryl Tyler. Heinemann Press. 2016 (Omak-84914) A Teacher’s Guide to Igniting Deep & Joyful Learning Across the Day. Free Register for Event 84914
85022 12/3/18 PSESD TECH NW "Enhance narrative writing with ToonTastic" (Optional) (Mercer Island-85022) Free Register for Event 85022
85025 12/4/18 PSESD TECH- WM "Google Classroom" (Optional) (Mercer Island-85025) Free Register for Event 85025
85026 12/6/18 PSESD TECH -NW Hour of Code Tutorials (Optional) (Mercer Island-85026) Free Register for Event 85026
85029 12/12/18 PSESD TECH -IP "ThinkCentral Math Expressions Online Tools" (Optional) (Mercer Island-85029) Free Register for Event 85029
85308 12/14/18 PSESD TECH - WM Nearpod interactive lessons (Optional) (Mercer Island-85308) Free Register for Event 85308
84942 Ongoing ESD 171 EAL Strategies for the Classroom (Dalian International School-84942) Free Register for Event 84942
85035 Dec 18 PSESD TECH -LR "Airserver and Apple Classroom" (Optional) (Mercer Island-85035) Free Register for Event 85035
85036 Dec 19 PSESD TECH - IP "YouTube Grade Level Channels" Optional (Mercer Island-85036) Free Register for Event 85036
85037 Dec 20 PSESD TECH -LR "Maximize use of myOn" (Optional) (Mercer Island-85037) With KARA MILLSAP Free Register for Event 85037
84844 Jan 1 ESD 113 Climate Science: Engaging in Argument from Evidence (Grades 3-5) (ESD 113-84844) Cohort One - Canvas Course Free Wait List for Event 84844
83725 Jan 7 ESD 113 Creating Schoology Assignments (TPD 19-220) (Olympia-83725) For OSD Staff only Free Register for Event 83725
83578 Jan 12 OSPI Transforming Student Learning with EdTech Standards (OSPI-83578) Tacoma SD (Margy VanDyke, Sharyn Merrigan, presenters) Free Wait List for Event 83578
83928 Jan 12 OSPI Transforming Student Learning with EdTech Standards (OSPI-83928) Shoreline SD (Kelli McSheehy, Ron Wagner, presenters) Free 3 Seats Left for Event 83928