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Why Computer Science Matters in Elementary/Middle School

Why Computer Science Matters in Elementary/Middle School

Mon, March 1 8:00 AM - Tue, August 31 2021 5:00 PM


  • Katherine Livick


Many high schools are teaching computer science, and middle and high schools often offer elective or after-school programs for coding and programming. Recently implemented requirements in Washington state will increase the number of offerings in this area for our older students. But did you know that Washington also has computer science standards for students grades K-8? Many school and district administrators are still wondering why they should care about computer science at the elementary or middle school level in the first place, let alone how they can structure their curriculum to cover these standards or prepare teachers to meet the challenge of teaching computer science and computational thinking. 

In this course, participants will:
Explore the fundamental vocabulary and ideas of computer science and how these ideas integrate with curriculum already in place at elementary or middle schools.  
Come away with an understanding of how integrating computer science practices helps to increase skills in the areas of logic, task analysis, computational thinking, collaboration and communication, and how those skills feed into improved performance across all academic areas, including social-emotional learning. 
Gain an understanding of how ensuring access to integrated computer science concepts at early grade levels directly builds equity for students in underrepresented populations.
Access resources about computer science integration that are ready to use with your staff right away.


  • Mon, March 1 - Tue, August 31 2021
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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