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Zoom - Marzano Stage 2, Day 1 Training

Zoom - Marzano Stage 2, Day 1 Training

Fri, October 15 2021 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Administered by NCESD


  • Bill Eagle


During the Stage 2 workshops participants will collaboratively work on increasing their knowledge and practice around the Marzano Framework to best meet the needs of their districts. This will include but is not limited to deepening their understanding of the Marzano Framework, building on their knowledge of the eight (8) WA State Teacher Criteria, making connections between the framework and WA Criteria, identifying words and phrases that best describe practice for different levels of performance, exploring specific classroom/professional practices and their alignment to the Framework's domains, analyzing and practicing the evaluation cycle, then aligning evidence to levels of performance, and looking at resources (provided and created) to assist in the process. This training will allow all participants to bring back new resources and understanding into the TPEP process to their district.  

Event Notes

This session only covers Stage 2, Day 1 of the required 6 days of Framework Training. To register for all 6 days at one time, as a series with a cohort group, please see the cohort group session offerings on the OSPI TPEP website linked here: TPEP Professional Learning Events | OSPI (

To register for additional individual session offerings, please see the individual session offerings on the OSPI TPEP website linked here: TPEP Professional Learning Events | OSPI (

This one-day, synchronous on-line training prepares evaluators of classroom teachers to apply the newly-revised Marzano TPEP Framework. Participants will understand the research foundations of the framework and gain foundational knowledge and skills for observing and evaluating classroom instruction through the Marzano Framework.


  • Fri, October 15 2021
    8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Zoom class


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