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Diabetes PDA Training (9/27/2021)

Diabetes PDA Training (9/27/2021)

Waterville, Orondo School Districts

Mon, September 27 2021 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Administered by NCESD


  • Casey Moore


Diabetes PDA classes are intended for both new and experienced Parent Designated Adults (PDAs) in support of a student with diabetes. One or more PDAs are selected or approved by the student’s parent. Course content is based on the student’s current school year medical plan of care. Training is an annual requirement for all student PDAs. In addition to course completion, PDAs are encouraged to complete applicable ADA Diabetes curriculum: Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel, available on the ADA website at:    

Confluence Health Certified Diabetes Educators will provide 2021 PDA classes for a student’s PDA(s) to interested districts. Classes may be offered face-to-face in Wenatchee or via Zoom for distant districts. Each class is scheduled for 2 hours, with variability based on the number of participants and participant questions. School districts are responsible for providing the student’s current medical orders and plan of care for PDA review prior to a scheduled course.    

If the PDA course is conducted via Zoom, the CDE will discuss and demonstrate diabetes care devices and skills and can remotely observe and provide feedback to participants on hands-on skills. In-person assistance and return demonstrations require the aid of an onsite educator with diabetes management experience.    

Class Fee: $150.00/hour or $300.00 for a 2 hour class. Confluence Health will invoice a participating district following the class session.  

School districts are responsible for ensuring registrant access, including Zoom audio-visual capability. A Zoom account is not required in order to join a class. Registrants will receive a Zoom link via email to join their specific class date and time.  

Casey Moore
Confluence Health 

Event Notes

Clock Hours are not provided for this training. 

PDA classes may also be set up with other healthcare professionals, such as Family Health Centers and Columbia Valley Community Health.


  • Mon, September 27 2021
    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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