Paraeducator Fundamental Course of Study FCS 01

Paraeducator Fundamental Course of Study FCS 01

Introduction to Cultural Identity and Diversity

Tue, March 21 2023 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Administered by NEWESD 101


  • Michelle Grove
  • Dianna Harrington


This course is an interactive training, not a webinar.  Participants are asked to use both audio and video during the course of the training so others can see and interact with them. Training will provide 4 hours of Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) required for all K-12 instructional paraeducators as part of the legislative funding for HB 1115 and SB 6388.

Session will include a brief overview of the certification and training requirements. 

  • Describe ways to identify and respond to racism, discrimination, and stereotypes in the classroom

  • List strategies for supporting cultural responsiveness and anti-biased instruction

  • Describe ways to foster and support a safe, positive, and culturally inclusive environment

  • Explain ways students’ family, language, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic background, and other cultural assets impact behavior and learning 

  • Describe strategies to support cultural inclusion and responsiveness when assisting in instruction

  • Demonstrate respectful behavior when working with diverse students

Paraeducator standards of practice

Knowledge competencies

Skill competencies


(A) Knowledge of and respect for different ethnic, cultural, abilities, and linguistic backgrounds of students, families, staff, and community being served.

(B) Knowledge of strategies to support and maintain a culturally inclusive learning environment

(C) Knowledge of student cultural histories and contexts, as well as family norms and values in different cultures


(A) Demonstrate the ability to assist in implementing educational material which represents and supports various cultures and abilities of students being served as directed by certificated/licensed staff

(B) Demonstrate the ability to foster a culturally inclusive environment as directed by certificated/licensed staff or supervisor 

Event Notes

Participants will need both two-way audio and video capabilities via Zoom to be able to participate in the course. Participants will be asked to enable both audio and video to engage in this workshop.

Participants should be duty-free during the course and not stationed in a room with students.

Participants should be adequately spaced in separate rooms to avoid audio interference during the course.

Participants should join on individual devices 1:1.  If this is not possible, 2:1 is acceptable.

Any questions or barriers you may have regarding these technical requirements should be directed to Michelle Grove in advance of the course start date so appropriate accommodations can be accounted for. 

Registration will open statewide (beyond NEWESD 101) 2 weeks prior to event.


  • Tue, March 21 2023
    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Course offered via Zoom. Participants will be emailed the link prior to the start of the course.