The Whole Educator Series

The Whole Educator Series

SEL Practices For the Whole Educator

Course is open for 12 months after payment has been recieved.

Administered by NEWESD 101


  • Dr. Greg Benner


This online series is a resource devoted to hard working educators in our nation who need more supports to proactively embed positive social emotional learnings and trauma informed strategies in their classrooms, buildings and districts. If you, or educators with whom you work, have ever struggled with difficult student behaviors, you have come to the right place.

We know educators are busy people, so these resources are designed to support you with immediate strategies. If you are a leader who has purchased these resources for your staff or your district, the following guide has been developed to support you in utilizing them in the most efficient, practical way possible. Whether you choose to run a two-day intensive seminar, roll out individual modules over a period of weeks, or break it down into even smaller segments, the Whole Educator Series is designed to fit your needs and your timeframe.


Module 1 -Flipping the Script: Turning Power Struggles Into Positive Interactions

Module 2: Real-World SEL Strategies:  Classroom Reset, Boosting Engagement and More

Module 3: Restorative Reset, Bully Prevention

Module 4:  Schoolwide SEL Strategies:  De-escalation Spaces, Emotion Checks, Reset Space

Module 5:  SEL Power Strategies:  Youth Mental Health Assessment and Instruction Strategies, Youth Leadership Menu

Module 6:  Function Based Interventions:  Avoidance Strategies, Attendance Intervention, Next Steps to Implementation


  • Mon, August 30 2021 - Wed, August 31 2022
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM