Automatic Clock Hour upload to OSPI's E-Certification

OSPI's E-Certification will begin accepting Clock Hours transmitted electronically from participating providers in January 2021.

Your clock hours earned through pdEnroller will automatically upload to E-Certification the night all attendance steps are complete. The upload process runs once, nightly.

This change only affects pdEnroller clock hours reported to OSPI. It does not change your local district clock hour reporting.

If you earned Clock Hours outside of pdEnroller, you are responsible for submitting them to E-Certification.

Automatic clock hour upload to E-Certification is free for pdEnroller users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I still have to report Clock Hours to my district?

Yes, this change is only for OSPI certification status. Check with your district for their Clock Hour reporting requirements.

Will pdEnroller report data to my district?

Check with your district for their Clock Hour reporting requirements.

Why can't I find my clock hours in EDS?

pdEnroller automatically uploads your earned clock hours daily. You must report Clock Hours earned outside of pdEnroller directly to E-Cert .

  1. Run the account checkup to confirm your pdEnroller and EDS accounts are linked correctly.
  2. Review your pdEnroller clock hour transcript. Follow the troubleshooting tips on that page if you do not see all your expected clock hours.

Clock Hour Questions

For clock hour questions, contact your local school district or Educational Service District's clock hour department.

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pdEnroller Support Questions

  • Event questions: each event page lists contact information for the event.
  • Account questions: contact pdEnroller Support