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Content-Based Instruction for English Language Learners - ONLINE



  • Mike Esping


In this course, you'll examine the main characteristics and types of content-based instruction for English language learners. You'll see how teachers balance the dual focus on language and subject matter and learn about a helpful framework for designing content-based courses and lessons. You'll also consider different criteria for choosing and developing the content taught, as well as factors influencing the choice, development, and adaptation of materials.

In addition, you'll examine several useful activity types and consider how to integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing in content-based instruction with students at different proficiency levels. Finally, you'll identify some technological resources available for developing content-based curricula and consider how assessment is affected by using content-based instruction.

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  • Sun, July 1 2018 12:00 AM - Sun, June 30 2019 11:59 PM


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