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Differentiated Instruction: Teaching with Student Differences in Mind - ONLINE



  • Mike Esping


In Differentiated Instruction: Teaching with Student Differences in Mind, you will learn how teachers in a differentiated classroom plan for differentiation for readiness, interest, and learning profile, using multiple instructional strategies. You will also see how many of the components of differentiation previously discussed in this suite of courses come together to ensure solid planning and execution of high-quality differentiation.

By the end of this course, through video examples, in-depth readings and reflections, and practical applications, you'll be ready to start planning for specific differentiated tasks in your teaching practice. You will also be familiar with some key strategies that support differentiation.

More specifically, as a result of the course, you will

  • Learn to identify, evaluate, and design respectful differentiated activities based on differences in student readiness, interest, and learning profile.
  • Use a variety of techniques and strategies in differentiating your instruction.
  • Make a plan for flexible grouping over time in your classroom.

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  • Sun, July 1 2018 12:00 AM - Sun, June 30 2019 11:59 PM


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