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How To Teach Math Online

How To Teach Math Online

Theresa Wills for Grassroots Workshops

Thu, July 1 2021 12:00 AM - Thu, June 30 2022 11:45 PM


  • Theresa Wills


If you’ve tried online or concurrent instruction, but you feel like you’re talking into a void and miss the classroom interactions, then this workshop is for you.

We’ll begin by exploring what successful online gaming communities can tell us about teaching virtually.  Then we’ll discuss how to take what you did in person and do it online or in concurrent settings.  I’ll share classroom routines, norms, and cues that will give you the classroom management needed to ensure that all students participate.

From there, we’ll focus more on implementation including quick daily warm ups, math tasks with rich discussions and how to keep students engaged and accountable in small groups.  Finally, we’ll wrap up the workshop by talking about how to make this teaching sustainable.

Event Notes

This course is hosted by Grassroots Workshops and is approved for Washington State Clock Hours through ESD 112. The course fee is $59, payable to Grassroots Workshops. Please visit Grassroots Workshops to find out more about the course, or to register.  

After you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Grassroots Workshops. To claim your clock hours through ESD 112, upload that certificate of completion and enter the claim code on pdEnroller’s Clock Hour page. 

Claim Code: 51R-3BF


  • Thu, July 1 2021 - Thu, June 30 2022
    12:00 AM - 11:45 PM


Registration is handled externally.

Professional Hours

Clock Hour Number: VAJ1410
2.00 Clock Hours $6.00