Book Study of "Teaching with Love and Logic"

Book Study of "Teaching with Love and Logic"

Teaching with Love and Logic Online Class

Mon, November 1 2021 12:00 AM - Tue, November 1 2022 12:00 AM


  • Craig Homnick


Do you ever go home feeling tired and stressed out at the end of the day? Do you wish you could spend more time on instruction and less time on discipline? How easy is it to think up consequences when you are trying to manage thirty-plus kids and deliver your lesson? Are you looking for an effective student management plan that can be used in your classroom right away? If you answered yes to any of these questions than the Book Study of "Teaching with Love and Logic" course is for you.

Educators who use the Love and Logic approach to discipline have better relationships with challenging kids and spend less time dealing with disruptions. Take this class and you can earn 3 graduate quarter credits – (Graduate credits may be used toward clock hour credits. Check with your HR Dept.)

Work at your own pace and take up to 1 year to complete the course!

Event Notes

This class is offered by Teacher Study for $175.00.  Register with the external link provided.  Clock hours are sponsored by ESD 112 and the fee is $90 for non-ESD 112 cooperative districts. 


1) Purchase and Read: Teaching with Love and Logic, Taking Control of the Classroom by Jim Fay and David Funk. 

2) Complete Handout: Write complete answers to all of the questions on the Book Study Handout. The Handout is provided to you after registration is completed.

3) Classroom Experience & Paper: Incorporate at least 3 Love and Logic strategies into your classroom. After 2-3 weeks, write a 2-3 page paper in which you reflect on successes and challenges in implementing these techniques.


  • Mon, November 1 2021 - Tue, November 1 2022
    12:00 AM - 12:00 AM