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Date Title Price Status
Current Trends in Education ESD 113 Superintendents 2017-2018 (ESD 113-42243)
With Dana Anderson
Free Wait List for Event 42243
OHS Foreign Language Staff Development (Olympia-47891)
With Kate Chan
Free Closed
Defining Technical Writing / English Language Art Equivalency Credi (Tumwater-47308)
With Kris Blum
Free Register for Event 47308
504 Coordinators' Network (ESD 113-47643)
With Abby Bowers
Free Register for Event 47643
Parent Education Series by Candyce Bollinger: 2017-18 (Tumwater-49176)
With Jack Arend, Laurie Wiedenmeyer
Free Register for Event 49176
MS Math: Open Up Training (Tumwater-48871)
With David Parascand, TIFFANY Wright
Free Register for Event 48871
SLRC Sub-Regional Science Kit trainings - Thurston County (ESD 113-47449)
With Scott Killough
Free Register for Event 47449
Capital Region ESD Special Education Directors' Network Meeting (ESD 113-46130)
SpEd Directors' meeting
With Abby Bowers
$70.00 Register for Event 46130
SLRC Sub-Regional Science Kit trainings - Lewis County (ESD 113-47450)
With Scott Killough
Free Register for Event 47450
Principals PLC (ESD 113-48719)
Grays Harbor / Pacific County
With Abby Bowers, Russell Rice
$50.00 Register for Event 48719
Regional ELD Professional Learning Network (ESD 113-48938)
Community of Practice
With Alicia Roberts Frank
Free Register for Event 48938
Early Learning Fellows, ESD 113 (ESD 113-46124)
With Jane Partridge, Ryan Guzman
Free Register for Event 46124
9/26/17 Roosevelt Building Plan (Olympia-49412)
With Sean Shaughnessy
Free Register for Event 49412
Climate Fellows (ESD 113-48797)
With Rachel Stendahl
Free Register for Event 48797
Ed Tech Coordinator's Forum (ESD 113-46716)
Regional Roundtable
With Andrew Hickman, Brandon Kahler
Free 4 Seats Left for Event 46716
Title 1 Elementary Math Intervention (Olympia-49574)
With Jennifer Knight
Free Closed
2017-18 McLane Wonders Professional Development (Olympia-47897)
McLane Staff only
With Monica West
Free Closed
Illustrative Math Grade 7 OSD (Olympia-48965)
With Cheryl Matern
Free Register for Event 48965
Monthly Special Education Professional Development (Olympia-46968)
With Dawn Kellogg
Free Wait List for Event 46968
Ready / iReady Math Implementation and Instructional Strategies: EOE 2017-18 (Tumwater-50252)
With Penny Marksheffel
Free Register for Event 50252
Mathematics Professional Development: MVP Integrated 3 Implementation 2017-18 (Tumwater-49359)
With David Parascand, TIFFANY Wright
Free Register for Event 49359
TSD Ad Council: Data Academy, TPEP, and School Improvement Planning - 2017-18 (Tumwater-48821)
With Jack Arend, Tara Richerson
Free Register for Event 48821