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8/16/17 Current Trends in Education ESD 113 Superintendents 2017-2018 (ESD 113-42243)
With Dana Anderson
Free Wait List for Event 42243
8/29/17 McLane Elementary Building Staff Development Days August 29th and 30th 2018 (Olympia-72741) Free Register for Event 72741
11/2/17 National Boards: Component 2: 2017-18 (Tumwater-48877)
With Laura Chevalier, Suzanne Hall, David Parascand
Free Register for Event 48877
12/11/17 Middle School Science Professional Development 17-18 (Olympia-50198)
With Carmen Kardokus
Free Register for Event 50198
4/30/18 Wonders for 4th and 5th grade teachers (Olympia-51336)
Looking at student writing and reflection
With Susan Williams
Free Register for Event 51336
6/20/18 TSD / First Aid and CPR Course: 2017-18 for TOPA & Health Services Staff (Tumwater-72883)
*TSD Staff Only*
With Christi Bristow, George Schoettle
Free Register for Event 72883
6/21/18 Skyward Student Future Scheduling Open Lab (ESD 113-72828)
With Barb Wischer, Michael Blessing, Travis Wentworth
Free Register for Event 72828
Jun 25 Classroom Management and Culture Basics: First Day, First Week, First Month (ESD 113-72562)
With Cheryl Vance
$120.00 Closed
Jun 25 Number Talks Institute with Ruth Parker (ESD 113-50722)
This is for those registering for the 2-Day Institute ONLY
With Cathleen Humphreys, Patricia Lofgren, Lisa Mesple, Ruth Parker
$295.00 Register for Event 50722
Jun 25 Science Instruction: The NGSS Practices (ESD 113-72591)
Implementation of the Practices
With Scott Killough
$120.00 Closed
Jun 25 Summer Teacher Institute: Climate Change in the Pacific NW, Urban Environments, Flooding, and Sea Level Rise (ESD 113-72349)
With Rachel Stendahl
Free 3 Seats Left for Event 72349
Jun 25 Skyward Student Year End Open Lab (ESD 113-47140)
With Travis Wentworth, Barb Wischer
Free Closed
Jun 26 Math-Science Coherence (Grades K-5): Practices for Student Talk (ESD 113-72589)
STEM Clock hours available
With Andrew Hickman, Scott Killough
$60.00 Closed
Jun 26 Skyward Student Food Service Year End Process (ESD 113-47145)
With Michael Blessing, Rachel Cromer, Sue Beauregard
Free Closed
Jun 26 Math-Science Coherence (Grades 6-12) (ESD 113-72619)
Practices for Student Talk
With Andrew Hickman, Scott Killough
$60.00 Cancelled
Jun 26 Skyward Student Food Service Year End Process (ESD 113-47147)
With Michael Blessing, Rachel Cromer, Sue Beauregard
Free Closed
Jun 27 Fostering a Socially and Emotionally Supportive Classroom (ESD 113-72603)
With Ryan Guzman
$120.00 Closed
Jun 27 Inclusion Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (ESD 113-51283) $200.00 Cancelled
Jun 27 Meeting Differentiated Needs: Tools to Support Academic Vocabulary (ESD 113-46721)
With Cheryl Vance
$120.00 Cancelled
Jun 27 ParaPro Assessment (ESD 113-72182) $90.00 Wait List for Event 72182
Jun 28 Inclusive Teaching Practices (ESD 113-72592)
A Focus on English Learners and Students with Disabilities
With Alicia Roberts Frank
$120.00 Register for Event 72592
Jun 28 K-5 STEM: What Elementary STEM Looks Like in Practice (ESD 113-72012)
K-5 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
With Andrew Hickman
$60.00 Closed