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Date Title Price Status
Ready / iReady Math Implementation and Instructional Strategies: EOE 2017-18 (Tumwater-50252)
With Penny Marksheffel
Free Register for Event 50252
Mathematics Professional Development: MVP Integrated 3 Implementation 2017-18 (Tumwater-49359)
With David Parascand, TIFFANY Wright
Free Register for Event 49359
TSD Ad Council: Data Academy, TPEP, and School Improvement Planning - 2017-18 (Tumwater-48821)
With Jack Arend, Tara Richerson
Free Register for Event 48821
ELA Fellows 2017-18 (6-12) (ESD 113-48983)
With Cheryl Vance
Free 1 Seats Left for Event 48983
Teaching and Learning Leadership Network (ESD 113-48320)
With Andrew Eyres
Free Register for Event 48320
Illustrative Math Grade 6 OSD (Olympia-48931)
With Cheryl Matern
Free Register for Event 48931
Using Instructional Strategies and Planning Productive Routines to Improve Student Engagement and Achievement (ESD 113-50486)
This is for WINLOCK School District Middle School Math Staff
With Carrie Black
Free 4 Seats Left for Event 50486
Principals PLC (ESD 113-48716)
Lewis County
With Abby Bowers, Russell Rice
$50.00 Register for Event 48716
Elementary Teacher-Librarian PLC (Olympia-49816)
With Annette McQueen
Free Register for Event 49816
Mastermind Group: THS 2017-18 (Tumwater-49630)
With Kristin Jewell
Free Register for Event 49630
Principals PLC (ESD 113-48721)
Mason County
With Abby Bowers, Russell Rice
$50.00 Register for Event 48721
AP ELA for Secondary Adoption: 2017-18 (Tumwater-49227)
With Jack Arend, Christa Williamson
Free Register for Event 49227
Illustrative Math Grade 8 OSD (Olympia-48967)
With Cheryl Matern
Free Register for Event 48967
Student Learning Coordinating Council (SLCC): 2017-18 (Tumwater-49229)
With Jack Arend
Free Register for Event 49229
Early Career Teacher Support Series – Grays/Pacific Counties (ESD 113-49793)
With Russell Rice
$100.00 Register for Event 49793
Data Academy for Instructional Facilitators: 2017-18 (Tumwater-48825)
With Tara Richerson
Free 1 Seats Left for Event 48825
Regional Transition Network Meeting (ESD 113-49306)
With Alicia Roberts Frank
Free Register for Event 49306
Danielson Stage 2 (ESD 113-46368)
With Jennifer Brotherton, Roz Thompson
Free Register for Event 46368
Bridges: Grade 2 Team Workshop (Olympia-49590)
With Jennifer Knight
Free Closed
BEST Mentor/Mentee Training: 2017-18 (Tumwater-49663)
With Jack Arend, Heidi Center-Howden, David Parascand, Tina Schmidt
Free 3 Seats Left for Event 49663
TPEP Tune-Up 2017-18 (Tumwater-49640)
With Jack Arend
Free 2 Seats Left for Event 49640
National Boards: Component 4: 2017-18 (Tumwater-48879)
With David Parascand, Laura Chevalier, Suzanne Hall
Free Register for Event 48879