Leading with Poverty in Mind

Two day workshop for administrators and teacher leaders


  • Eric Jensen


This two-day workshop from Dr. Eric Jensen gives you the science behind poverty and the practical strategies to succeed with every student at your school.

Day 1: Attend with your teachers. (Register your teachers for day one only here.)

This powerful workshop gives you:

  1. 3 Secrets to how the brains of students from poverty are vastly different
  2. Golden maximizers that can make significant, positive changes in their brains.
  3. Strategies you can use to get proven, consistently powerful results!

The bad news is that poverty can make devastating, chronic changes in the human brain. The good news is that there are powerful solutions that hundreds of schools have successfully implemented which clearly demonstrate students from poverty can achieve.

You will learn highly effective, innovative, real-world strategies for reaching these types of students. Based on work with over 140 Title 1 schools, Dr. Jensen shares a wealth of practical strategies to simplify your job and help you focus on success.

  • Why your students literally may have lost part of their capacity to pay attention— the impact of abuse and trauma on the brain
  • The biology of hope—how optimism, hope, and a compelling future actually trigger positive chemical changes in the brain
  • Specific activities that can help the brain of poverty re-create itself for better learning and improved memory
  • Why positive social bonding is vital for most learners and the critical missteps to avoid
  • Proven brain-based models for transforming staff helplessness into positive empowerment
  • How to deal with classroom discipline issues and unmotivated students

DISCOVER how to skyrocket student performance by applying cutting-edge brain-based strategies to help your lowest performing students.
REDUCE classroom stress by cracking the code of how our brain changes and other learning challenges.
TRANSFORM frustration and drudgery to hope and positive accomplishment.
RETURN to work armed with powerful knowledge and practical skills for solving previously unsolvable problems and reaching previously unreachable learners.

Day 2: Administrators and other leadership return to plan for change

Introductions – Review of yesterday and success guidelines set.

What Stalls School Change? – What gets in the way of change (7 big things)? Discover how emotions such as resentment, anger, revenge and guilt will sabotage your school. Learn how weak paths of change lead to weak implementation.

Discover how the power of assumptions (especially those built on the lack of research, lack of experiential evidence and lack of fact-checking) can impair change. Find out how chronic stress inhibits change and learn what you can do about it. Next, learn about your staff from the inside out. Find how you can help move them out of being “stuck” with key connecting points.

What Works for Change – Find out what really drives change. Discover the 3 BIG drivers to move change forward. Learn the action triggers to move it forward through the small, nearly invisible, daily steps. Find out WHY most all change initiatives have a neutral effect and what the REAL drivers of change are at your school. Learn the power of parental support. Working with others, learn how to power up your options to the ones that fit your school.

6 Steps for School Change – Get the 6 steps you can start ASAP. These include how to set goals, get others on board and how to foster a great school.

Closing time – Review, discussion and decisions made. You are ready for a great year!

Event Notes

Lunch will be provided both days. 

This registration is for the two day series and is intended for administrators and other school leadership. Register your teachers to attend with you for the first day only here: Teaching and Engaging with Poverty in Mind.


Educational Service District 123
3924 W. Court Street Pasco WA 99301


  • Mon, October 16 2017 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Check-In: 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM
    Cascade Room
  • Tue, October 17 2017 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Check-In: 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM
    Cascade Room


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