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NEW Science Foundational Kit Use Workshops

Kindergarten-5th Grade


Registration for all Science Kits are now full.

Registration should only be done by each district's LASER Training Contact (unless you have made arrangements with your Principal or LASER Contact). Choose your unit below to access its specific registration page.

Push, Pull, Go

(New Kindergarten BBS Unit)

April 21

How Can We Protect Animals when Their Habitat Changes?

(New 3rd Grade Unit)

April 21 

How Can I Send Messages Using Sound?

(New 1st Grade Unit)

April 21

How Can We Provide Energy to People's Homes?

(New 4th Grade Unit)

April 21 

How Can We Stop Soil from Washing Away?

(New 2nd Grade Unit)

April 21 

How Can We Provide Freshwater to Those in Need?

(New 5th Grade Unit)

April 21 

Each workshop immerses teachers in a lesson-by-lesson inquiry of the unit while developing an understanding of how science notebooks can support literacy and student understanding. These workshops are a MUST for elementary teachers who are beginning to teach the New Units this year.

Be sure to sign up with your district’s LASER contact person right away. Check with your LASER Board member or contact person to see whether you should sign up for the NEW workshops this fall or wait.

Event Notes

This unit will include 2 hours of online learning prior to the 6 hours of inquiry engagement with the science unit in a face-to-face workshop.

Clock hours available

You will need to bring your teacher manual for this kit. If you have questions in regards to the manual, please check with your district LASER contact.

Bring your own lunch (working lunch)


Educational Service District 123
3924 W. Court Street Pasco WA 99301


  • Sat, April 21 2018 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    ESD 123 Professional Development Center

Registration is handled externally.