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Celebrate K! - TUESDAY ONLY

Full-Day Kindergarten Conference


  • Jenny Kelly


Full-day kindergarten is an important element of our state's strategy for improving student outcomes and closing the achievement gap. Much happens during the kindergarten year that makes it special, including welcoming families into the K-12 system, facilitating student success in a developmentally appropriate, standards-based environment, and forging "school readiness" partnerships with the early learning community. Celebrate K! is offering three days of content targeted specially for Kindergarten.

Event Notes

Lunch will be provided.

Participants can attend days individually, or all three days, choosing from a variety of sessions.

After registration, each attendee will be e-mailed a link to select sessions. You can preview the options below. Click on a session title to expand the description.

Presenter: Jenny Kelly
Participants will deepen their understanding of the Common Core Content and practice math standards through the Counting and Cardinality domain. We will look at how to engage students in mathematical tasks through play-based learning. Intentional connections will be made to WaKIDS through videos and hands-on experiences.
Presenter: Georgia Boatman
How do you engage young learners in designing, modeling and constructing explanations in a scientific way? In this session explore three-dimensional thinking and learning by engaging in a STEM immersion activity designed specifically for early learners. Session participants will learn more about the Science and Engineering Practices of 1) Developing and Using Models, Arguing from Evidence and Constructing Explanations and the Crosscutting Concepts of 1) Systems and Systems Models and Cause and Effect while addressing Kindergarten science and engineering concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards. Participants will also explore the connections to ELA, highlighting the "more bang for your buck" aspect of NGSS and science.
Presenter: Lupe Mota
Family involvement can extend the experiences that a child has in the classroom to real-world activities that happen in the home. Encouraging and increasing family engagement can help support children beyond their early years and make their families an important part of their education well into the future. One of the most difficult challenges for early childhood educators is figuring out how to better engage families in their child’s learning. Come learn about the strategies that can help strengthen the partnership between teachers and families.
Presenters: Tracy Squires, Karrie Peterson
How can you squeeze the juice out of your shared reading time to maximize its effectiveness? Recognizing the importance of literacy skills as it relates to all other learning that takes place in the classroom, we will focus on using big books, poem boards and wall stories to teach emergent reading skills and inspire a love of reading in young learners. Participants will walk away with ideas on creating a print rich learning environment that they will be able to incorporate into their classroom.
Presenter: Keilani DeHaan
If you have students in your class who are demonstrating behaviors as a result of stress or anxiety, this workshop will provide tools to support them. It will engage your heart, mind and body as you experience tools for bringing children to "Mindfulness" and will assist you in creating a safe, fun and interactive environment for young children to learn how to manage the stress in their lives and build resilience. Learn the value of stillness, body awareness and emotion identification as you practice and promote "Mindfulness".


Educational Service District 123
3924 W. Court Street Pasco WA 99301


  • Tue, July 17 2018 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Check-In: 8:00 AM
    ESD 123 Professional Development Center


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