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Celebrate K! - THURSDAY ONLY

Full-Day Kindergarten Conference


  • Jenny Kelly


Full-day kindergarten is an important element of our state's strategy for improving student outcomes and closing the achievement gap. Much happens during the kindergarten year that makes it special, including welcoming families into the K-12 system, facilitating student success in a developmentally appropriate, standards-based environment, and forging "school readiness" partnerships with the early learning community. Celebrate K! is offering three days of content targeted specially for Kindergarten.

Event Notes

Lunch will be provided.

Participants can attend days individually, or all three days, choosing from a variety of sessions.

After registration, each attendee will be e-mailed a link to select sessions. You can preview the options below. Click on a session title to expand the description.

Presenter: Jenny Kelly and Brenda Dunn
Participants will deepen their understanding of the Common Core Content and practice math standards through the Counting and Cardinality domain. We will look at how to engage students in mathematical tasks through play-based learning. Intentional connections will be made to WaKIDS through videos and hands-on experiences.
Presenters: Margarita Alaman and Jocelyn Reyes
During the past few years, the interest in Social Emotional Learning and Adverse Childhood Experiences has grown and develop into movement. This session seeks to review the basic information of these topics and connect them to hands on activities to use with Elementary School Students. Attendees will have an opportunity to create stress balls (of different materials, calming bottles, breathing dragons, etc.) from every day materials. Each individual will leave with a plan to create their own kits, as well as activities to empower their students.
Presenter: Erin Tomlinson
Through this informative workshop, participants will learn about the importance of early identification and developmental services for infants and young children with a developmental delay or disability. Parents will be guided through how to perform a Universal Developmental Screening for their child and how to access early intervention services should a delay be detected. This is a powerful workshop that will ultimately provide parents with the tools to detect delays before school starts and find the services needed to help prepare their child for success in school.
Presenter: Lisa Brouwer-Thompson
Prepare to play! Throw your fears of “doing art” aside and come explore how to connect language arts with visual arts. Reinforce what you have read with children through creative art mediums. Your art center has a very important place in your classroom. Let’s talk about how to make the art center a multi-level learning space with children leading the experience.
Presenter: Kristi Docken
This next-step session will focus on how to generate reports in the Gold system and use the data to inform instruction. Participants will also learn more about collecting evidence and work in groups to discuss data collection.
Presenter: Erin Tomlinson
Toddlers 2 Teens (T2T) is a research-based, interactive, social-emotional literacy program that helps children and their parents identify behaviors, recognize the feelings that lead to behaviors and do something different. T2T specifically concentrates on discovering and adopting new ways to deal with feelings, which leads to academic achievement and improved well-being, changing behavior forever in an effort to improve relationships. Each will leave the workshop with a full T2T kit to practice and use at home while teaching these important concepts to their child.
Presenter: Sarah Reser
In this fast paced and interactive session, participants will increase their understanding of the 3 tiers of vocabulary and apply instructional strategies that support student learning in all content areas. Participants will be able to explain the 3 tiers of vocabulary to a colleague, identify 3 tiers of vocabulary in the context of their own classroom and gain materials and strategies that they will be able to use in their classroom to support student learning.


Educational Service District 123
3924 W. Court Street Pasco WA 99301


  • Thu, July 19 2018 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Check-In: 9:00 AM
    ESD 123 Professional Development Center


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