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Social Emotional Learning Summit


  • Mira Gobel


This conference invites early learning professionals, service providers, teachers, counselors, and administrators serving preschool through 12th grade for two days of engagement focused on education that encompasses the whole child. The SEL Summit will feature keynote presentations by Dr. Ann Corwin, The Parenting Doctor®, and OSPI Director of Student Support, Mona Johnson.

5-10 clock hours will be available.  

SEL Summit Website Available Here

Keynote Presentations:

The Emotions Before the Explosions

Presenter: Dr. Ann Corwin

Fostering Professional Resilience and Social Emotional Wellness

Presenter: Mona Johnson

Concurrent Breakout Sessions:

Presenter: Mona Johnson
With the continued pressures and ever increasing demands of the workplace, fostering our own resilience & social emotional wellness often takes a back seat.  This informative and energizing workshop addresses the importance of these practices and their direct connections to workplace success. Participants will review current methods for coping with positive and challenging career stress and the compassion fatigue which can result from coping with school-based trauma(s). In addition, they will explore the six comprehensive areas of wellness that are key to fostering resilience and create an individualized self-care plan to support continued positive professional and personal growth.
Presenter: Ron Hertel

Session 1:  Introduction to SEL

This breakout will include an introduction to social and emotional learning (SEL) It will include:

  • key components of SEL as defined by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the legislative Workgroup; 
  • the six core social and emotional skills and three guiding principles; 
  • the research underpinning SEL; 
  • and comprehensive benefits and positive outcomes of SEL for staff, students, families, and other adults working with students. 

This session will reinforce the developmental nature of SEL in which social and emotional skill development is individual and context dependent—and that SEL is not meant as a tool to identify or marginalize students but rather to build student assets and provide supports. 

In addition, this segment will explain the relationship between SEL and academic learning and provide a high-level overview of strategies to implement SEL. Implementation of these strategies suggest that schools focus on a holistic and comprehensive approach in the strategies that they take.

Session 2:  Building Foundations and Strategies

This session focuses on creating a social and emotional learning (SEL) culture within a school. Specifically, in Creating a Professional Culture Based on SEL, educators will engage in activities that focus on educator social and emotional competencies, exploring ways in which adults can engage in self-care to reduce stress and professional burnout, and ways in which implicit bias influences interactions with students and colleagues. In addition, the segment provides strategies to create a professional culture in which culturally responsive SEL is a key ingredient (e.g., implementing an SEL practice at staff meetings, professional learning communities on SEL, and coaching and feedback on SEL). Finally, educators will review strategies to communicate and engage with families and community members in culturally responsive ways to directly support SEL efforts and students’ social and emotional skill development.

Presenters: Peggy Needham & Student Representatives from Walla Walla

Sources of Strength is a universal suicide prevention program designed to build socioecological protective influences around youth and to reduce the likelihood that vulnerable youth/young adults will become suicidal.

Their mission of Sources of Strength is to provide the highest quality evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying and substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the power of connection, hope, help and strength.

Sources of Strength believes that many strengths are more powerful than one, and our united goal is to activate and mobilize these strengths in ways that positively change individuals and communities.

Presenter: Dana Camarena
Session description coming soon!
Presenter: Christine Brandt, Principal
Session description coming soon!
Presenter: Seth Johnson, Principal
Session description coming soon!
Presenter: Mike Sperry, Principal
This presentation will take a close look at how Lincoln Middle School in Clarkston Washington has built social emotional supports for student with adverse childhood experiences. We will examine how we use the behavioral RTI model to build supports and interventions for our high social economic dilemma of high poverty. We will share how we have established a strong school culture where “everyone belongs” using PBIS and resiliency school videos that we share with our students and parents. Our team is well trained in PBIS and resiliency. We will also provide data supporting our academic growth in (System 44, Read/Math 180, SBA). This presentation is for administrators, teachers and counselors who want learn with us and share ideas.
Presenter: Lori Scott
Session description coming soon!
Presenter: Dr. Anne Corwin
  • Establish self-efficacy in parents/providers by teaching the “Attachment Rule” for regulating childhood behavior to lower frustration levels in families and the potential of abuse.  Resiliency Resources for Change.
  • Teach Social Emotional Literacy (SEL) competence by informing families/providers about parenting & child development for accurate expectations.
  • Provide specific techniques for changing familial patterns to establish prevention protocols and provide concrete support to families/providers that is easy to apply.
Presenter: Lindsay Morris

Schools across the country are implementing mindfulness into their school day, resulting in improved feelings of community, increased self-regulation, decreased behavioral referrals and an improvement in attendance. 

In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to integrate breathing techniques, short mindfulness activities and simple "train the brain" games into your K-12 setting. After a general overview of the latest research in neuroscience, trauma and mindfulness, participants will engage in thoughtful discussion, experience hands-on, ready to implement activities and learn how schools across the country are building strong hearts, minds and bodies with these practices.

Presenter: Bryan Manzo, School Counselor
The purpose of this session will be to provide resources and support for teachers, families, and school communities interested in implementing either a large, evidence-based SEL curriculum or a localized kernel-based approach. I will provide an overview of both methods for implementation, review best practices, and provide take-home materials. Plus, I’ll show some videos of kids making this material work in clever ways.
Presenter: Maria Garcia, Principal
Sharpstein Elementary School in Walla Walla was facing a flood of discipline problems that overwhelmed teachers and office staff. Beginning in the fall of 2016, Sharpstein began implementing a multi-faceted preventative approach to supporting the development of pro-social behavior and protecting the learning environment. The results? Discipline referrals have dropped by over 30% and the overall climate in the school is vastly improved. This session will focus on the practical strategies and tools that have helped Sharpstein ‘get upriver’.

Event Notes

Each participant will receive the book "The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, Resiliency, and Academic Success" by Ray Wolpow, Mona M. Johnson, Ron Hertel & Susan O. Kincaid.


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