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STEM It for K and Pre-K: Model It, Do It, Explain It


  • Georgia Boatman
  • Jenny Kelly


Young students are natural scientists!  How do you take advantage of that natural curiosity  and enthusiasm to engage young learners in using models and data to construct explanations and argue from evidence in a fun AND scientific way? In this professional development session explore three-dimensional thinking and learning by engaging in a STEM immersion activity designed specifically for early learners. Session participants will learn more about the Science and Engineering Practices of 1)Developing and Using Models, Arguing from Evidence, Analyzing and Interpreting Data and Constructing Explanations and the Crosscutting Concepts of 1) Systems and Systems Models, Patterns and Cause and Effect while addressing Kindergarten science and engineering concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards. Participants will also explore the connections to ELA, highlighting the "more bang for your buck" aspect of NGSS and science.

K STEAM 2018 Focus: 

  • Acquiring an understanding of WSSLS (NGSS) related to PK and K students.
  • Experiencing an immersion into authentic integrated STEM problems as a learner
  • Deepening understanding of how STEM professionals.
  • Deepening content knowledge around local earth systems and human impacts problems and phenomena.
  • Gaining confidence for engaging students in authentic place-based phenomena and problem learning experiences.

Event Notes

Lunch is provided. 


Educational Service District 123
3924 W. Court Street Pasco WA 99301


  • Thu, November 8 2018 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    Cascade Room 1


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