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Celebrate K! - Three Day Conference

Full-Day Kindergarten Conference


  • Jenny Kelly


Kindergarten is an important element of our state's strategy for improving student outcomes and closing the achievement gap. Much happens during the kindergarten year that makes it special, including welcoming families into the K-12 system, facilitating student success in a developmentally appropriate, standards-based environment, and forging "school readiness" partnerships with the early learning community. Celebrate K! is offering three days of content targeted specially for Kindergarten and preschool. 

Event Notes

Lunch will be provided.

Download the Workshop Flyer Here

Participants can attend days individually, or all three days, choosing from a variety of sessions.  

After registration, each attendee will be e-mailed a link to select sessions. You can preview the options below. Click on a session title to expand the description.

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Presenter: Georgia Boatman
How do you engage young learners in designing, modeling and constructing explanations in a scientific way? In this session explore three-dimensional thinking and learning by engaging in a STEM immersion activity designed specifically for early learners. Session participants will learn more about the Science and Engineering Practices of 1) Developing and Using Models, Arguing from Evidence and Constructing Explanations and the Crosscutting Concepts of 1) Systems and Systems Models and Cause and Effect while addressing Kindergarten science and engineering concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards. Participants will also explore the connections to ELA, highlighting the "more bang for your buck" aspect of NGSS and science.
Presenter: Jennifer Garza & Paula Aronica
Are you tired of standing in front of the copy machine? Worksheets can only be used one way and teach children there is a single way to complete a task. In this session, you will learn how to transform worksheets into highly engaging hands-on math and reading strategies. Materials will be provided to create one activity to take with you to implement in your classroom. Also, you may bring your own worksheets to discuss and transform into a hands-on activity.

Presenters: Kristen Landeza, David Isley & Christine Kenyon
Are you looking for ways to bring lessons to life? Come learn about classroom transformations, callbacks, and games to boost lessons and engage your students! These strategies bring excitement to units and are very simple. Not only will your students have fun, you will too!

Presenter: Lori Scott
Key planning and teaching strategies can make a dramatic difference in reaching students with diverse abilities and skill bases. This interactive workshop will give educators practical research-based inclusion strategies and practices including curriculum modifications, embedded learning opportunities and child-focused instructional strategies that help all students with individual learning objectives. Learn how to apply these teacher-friendly strategies in your classroom.

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Presenter: Christine Frazier
Prop boxes can be used within the classroom setting for a variety of educational purposes. One of the most important uses of prop boxes is to encourage dramatic play allowing children to express their imaginations while they practice vital interactions with each other helping to build social-emotional skills. Also, examine how story baskets foster writing by allowing students additional time to interact with a story, providing a deeper understanding of story components.
Presenter: Jennifer Garza
Children need a solid foundation to find success in movement, reading and writing. In this session, you will learn inexpensive ways to engage students in fine motor activities. These activities will help students build muscle strength, eye hand coordination, and directionality along with creativity and problem solving skills. Materials will be provided to create one activity to take with you to implement in your classroom

Presenters: Michelle Fickle
In this session, learn how to plan and organize play centers in the classroom. Participants will explore how play evolves over the course of a year. Participants will also learn methods for facilitating and enhancing play through teaching children to be purposeful about their center choices

Presenter: Lindsey Backus & Jennifer Cowgill
A well-developed vocabulary is essential for reading and academic success. Research clearly shows a significant difference in the vocabularies of low versus high-achieving students. We know that direct vocabulary instruction is fundamental to effective teaching and decreasing the gap. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn and experience word learning activities through chants, read alouds, and more to use with students to increase their vocabulary knowledge. Walk away with practical strategies to implement in the classroom right away. This workshop is for preschool to third grade, with a focus on English Language Learners!

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Presenter: Brenda Dunn
Kids learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Come explore hands-on math activities using manipulatives that can easily be implemented in your classroom. We will focus on using math manipulatives that support students' cognitive process and improve student understanding. Participants will consider how manipulatives can be used as assessment data for Teaching Strategies Gold.

Presenter: Lisa Brouwer-Thompson
Due to popularity of last year’s Blossoming Artists session, Lisa Brouwer-Thompson returns with new content. Prepare to play! Throw your fears of “doing art” aside and come explore how to connect language arts with visual arts. Reinforce what you have read with children through creative art mediums. Your art center has a very important place in your classroom. Let’s talk about how to make the art center a multi-level learning space with children leading the experience. Returning participants and newcomers welcome!

Presenter: Brenda Dunn
21st century students need 21st century skills. This session will focus on our youngest learners by introducing them to computational thinking through unplugged activities. Learn how to provide students with experiences that use special thinking patterns and processes to pose and solve problems. Understanding these foundational skills are the building blocks of computer science leaders.

Presenter: Shyla DeJong & Renae Yecha
This session is designed for General education and Special Education teachers to learn about Behavior functions, Management of behaviors and behavior interventions. We will explore behavior plans and data collection methods. Time to problem solve and find solutions to try with some of your most challenging students

Presenter: Michelle Fickle
Assessment can be viewed as the ugly “A” word in teaching. This session is designed to offer some tools and strategies for collecting and organizing data that will ultimately help make scoring for TsGold easier. These tools will also assist in designing small group interventions, help with student goal setting, and can make communicating assessment results with parents easier. Attendees will hopefully leave feeling like assessment is a little less “ugly” and a little more accessible! If you attended this session last year, you will still want to come because I have gathered even more resources to share with you!


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  • Thu, July 18 2019 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
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