LEArn & LEAd

LEArn & LEAd

IEP Meeting Process Leadership & Legal Compliance

Mon, August 14 2023 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM


  • Julie Weatherly


Julie Weatherly, Esq. of Resolutions in Special Education, Inc. and Dr. Tim Havard of Havard Educational Consulting have jointly developed a LEArn & LEAd training program for special education teachers. Based upon the combined experiences of a legal and a special education practitioner with many years of IEP meeting expertise, Julie and Tim have created this program to train special education teachers with respect to their legal and professional job duties to assist in ensuring efficient and appropriate IEP processes and, as a by-product, legally-defensible IEP content.

Specifically, this information-packed day of training will provide special education teachers with suggested tools and interventions that can assist them in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to support appropriate, efficient and legally-defensible IEP meeting processes. In addition, the training will include practical tips for ensuring that appropriate and legally-defensible IEP content is included in IEPs, based upon recent Supreme Court authority and subsequent court interpretations of the legal standard for the provision of FAPE to students with disabilities.

Tools and activities presented in this program are designed to increase teacher skills in the following areas: brokering communication during IEP meetings; helping to ensure that all IEP Team members are provided the opportunity for meaningful participation and input; helping to keep an IEP meeting organized and on track; supporting prevention, intervention and resolution of potential conflict; understanding difficult behaviors and conversations and responding effectively to them; helping to ensure that an organized, efficient and legally compliant IEP meeting occurs; and ensuring that a legally defensible IEP document is developed.


Richland School District Board Room
6972 Keene Road West Richland WA 99353


  • Mon, August 14 2023
    8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    Richland School District Board Room