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# Begins Sponsor Title Price Status
82848 9/2/17 Mercer Island Stanford University Online Mathematical Mindsets Course (Mercer Island-82848) Education XEDUC215N Mathematical Mindsets Free Register for Event 82848
96810 Aug 26 Mercer Island New Employee Training 2019 (Mercer Island-96810) With Fred Rundle Free Register for Event 96810
88916 Aug 29 Mercer Island MISD Instructional Technology Day 2019 (Required-Clockhours) (Mercer Island-88916) Full day of technology integration for all certificated staff With Jamie Prescott Free Register for Event 88916
95910 Aug 30 Mercer Island MIHS Staff Retreat 2019 (Mercer Island-95910) With Vicki Puckett Free Register for Event 95910
95341 Aug 30 Mercer Island IP Pre-Service Day August 30, 2019 (Mercer Island-95341) With David Hoffman Free Register for Event 95341
95287 Sep 3 Mercer Island MIHS Pre-Service Nuts & Bolts Meeting 2019 (Mercer Island-95287) With Vicki Puckett Free Register for Event 95287
95661 Sep 17 Mercer Island MISD: Instructional Leadership Team PLC (ILT) 19-20 - (required/clock hours available) (Mercer Island-95661) District and building administrators' PLC meetings Free Register for Event 95661
95340 Sep 18 Mercer Island IP Wednesday Afternoon PD & Thursday Morning PLC Mtgs 2019-20 (Mercer Island-95340) With David Hoffman, Lisa Deen Free Register for Event 95340
95286 Sep 19 Mercer Island MIHS Building Directed and Staff Meetings 2019-2020 (Mercer Island-95286) Wednesday and Thursday Meetings before and after school Free Opens 8/26