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# Begins Sponsor Title Price Status
82848 9/2/17 Mercer Island Stanford University Online Mathematical Mindsets Course (Mercer Island-82848) Education XEDUC215N Mathematical Mindsets Free Register for Event 82848
86773 Ongoing Mercer Island PLC: LSP Elementary (Mercer Island-86773) Free Wait List for Event 86773
82863 9/12/18 Mercer Island MIHS Fine Arts Dept PLC 2018-19 (Mercer Island-82863) Monthly meetings focused on Departmental SIP work With Parker Bixby Free Register for Event 82863
86022 9/12/18 Mercer Island PLC MIHS Science NGSS STEM and TPEP (Mercer Island-86022) With James Cooke Free Register for Event 86022
83635 9/26/18 Mercer Island MISD Elementary PE job alike (optional/clock hours offered) (Mercer Island-83635) Physical Education Elementary Team With Stacy Smedberg Free 3 Seats Left for Event 83635
88531 6/5/19 Mercer Island TECH-MIHS New Promethean Board Intro Training (Optional) (Mercer Island-88531) Free Register for Event 88531
88574 6/5/19 Mercer Island TECH-MIHS Exploring PLT4M for Use in Weight Training Course (Optional) (Mercer Island-88574) Free Register for Event 88574
88863 6/17/19 Mercer Island TECH-MIHS PLT4M Training (Optional) (Mercer Island-88863) With Justin Talmadge Free Register for Event 88863
88178 Jun 25 Mercer Island MISD: Right Response Re-Certification (Rescheduled) (Mercer Island-88178) One Day Re-cert Free Register for Event 88178
88175 Jun 27 Mercer Island Social Emotional Learning Carts (Mercer Island-88175) Personalized Learning Programs Free Register for Event 88175
87257 Aug 22 Mercer Island Center for Collaborative Support Powerful Learning Conference (Mercer Island-87257) August 2019 Free Register for Event 87257