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Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Child


  • Austina DeBonte


Many people are surprised to learn that highly capable students’ “quirks” are actually well-studied social & emotional behavior patterns that appear across large populations of highly intelligent children. Whether it’s refusing to wear shirts with buttons or tags, overreacting to the slightest criticism, gravitating towards adults and older children, forgetting to turn in their homework, trouble with handwriting, anxiety about trying something new, or preferring a book to a party, these and many other perplexing behaviors are common in this population. Learn what's normal, what to expect at various ages and stages, and the neuroscience that helps explain where these behaviors are coming from. Most importantly, learn how to use these insights to better support students in our schools, from the preschool and elementary years, all the way to high school and beyond.

This full day workshop will cover:

  • Social & emotional characteristics unique to the highly capable population, and the neuroscience and behavioral research that helps explain where these characteristics are coming from
  • Deep dive into the need for grit and growth mindset development in our Highly Capable programs, and how to accomplish that
  • Equitable identification practices in Highly Capable programs, the outdated identification practices that are still in use in many parts of the state, why they are problematic, and what modern practices are available to improve equity.
  • Practices to support the development of the whole child, not just academics.
  • Two SEL curriculum's built for this population's unique needs will be discussed and available to browse, as well as an extensive library of books.

    Grade Levels: K-12


NWESD Region
1601 R Avenue Anacortes WA 98221


  • Thu, January 31 2019 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    NWESD Region


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