STEM Seminar: The Future of Food.

STEM Seminar: The Future of Food.

Tue, September 21 8:00 AM - Tue, November 16 2021 5:00 PM


  • Becky Bronstein
  • Kat Huybers
  • Laura Tyler


Target Audience: K-12 Grade

Come learn with EarthGen, formerly known as Washington Green Schools, in this virtual professional development opportunity designed for teachers in NWESD. Teachers will explore the complexities of first foods, food injustice as exacerbated by climate change and what action they can take with their students.  Through asynchronous and synchronous learning, participants will have a chance to authentically engage with activities and experts as they grow their understanding how climate change has and will impact their community. Analyze and interpret recent climate science data with Dr. Kat Huybers, a climate scientist and lecturer from the University of Washington and progress understanding on the most salient climate change indicators in northwest Washington.  

Teachers will leave this training with increased preparedness to facilitate climate science-focused activities using the science & engineering practices of developing and using models, analyzing and interpreting data and constructing explanations and designing solutions. Teachers will learn from professionals in their region who are doing work to combat this climate change impact in an effort to prepare them with resources to spur action. 

Teachers will receive a stipend from the ESD upon completion of the entire 10 hour STEM Seminar experience. 

Clock Hours: 10 STEM Clock Hours provided by EarthGen. EarthGen does not have access to pdEnroller so teachers’ clock hours will not show up via this platform. Teachers will receive a form at the end of the professional development experience. Teachers can input this information directly to their E-Certification platform. 

Note: By participating in EarthGen’s professional development, teachers opt in to receive newsletters, event updates, and general information. Please let an EarthGen staff person know at the training if you would not like to be added to the mailing list.


NWESD Region
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