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# Begins Sponsor Title Price Status
73465 8/21/18 Olympia 2018-2019 JMS Staff Retreat (Olympia-73465) Free Register for Event 73465
73524 8/22/18 Olympia WMS PLC PD Day (Olympia-73524) Free Register for Event 73524
81625 Ongoing Olympia Madison Building Plan 2018-19 (Olympia-81625) Building Upon Our Previous Year's Successes With Domenico Spatola-Knoll Free Register for Event 81625
82987 Ongoing Olympia Parent Education Series by Candyce Bollinger (Olympia-82987) Free Register for Event 82987
73118 Ongoing Olympia Monthly OSD Special Education Professional Development (Olympia-73118) Free Register for Event 73118
83379 Ongoing Olympia OHS Library Collection Development Team (Olympia-83379) Free Closed
83829 Ongoing Olympia Conflict Resolution Strategies (Olympia-83829) Free Closed
49816 Ongoing Olympia Elementary Teacher-Librarian PLC (Olympia-49816) Collaboration & Creation With Annette McQueen Free 3 Seats Left for Event 49816
83585 Ongoing Olympia The OSD Educators of Color Network (Olympia-83585) Free Register for Event 83585
83295 11/8/18 Olympia 5 Stages of Group Development and Mediation & Bargaining Skills (Olympia-83295) Free Register for Event 83295
84653 Ongoing Olympia Social Emotional Learning Series (Olympia-84653) SSC Series 2018-2019 With Anthony Brock, Breanne Keys, Heather Kazda, Ken Turcotte, Kim Swanson, Ron Hertel Free 1 Seats Left for Event 84653
84086 Ongoing Olympia Elementary Science Leadership (Olympia-84086) With Carmen Kardokus Free Register for Event 84086
83293 12/6/18 Olympia Maintaining a Trauma Sensitive Learning Environment 2 (Olympia-83293) (AHS staff only) Free Wait List for Event 83293
85398 Ongoing Olympia Implementing PBIS in the Elementary Classroom (Olympia-85398) With Jen Flo, Kendra Belson, Madelene Cundall Free Wait List for Event 85398
85090 Ongoing Olympia Self-Directed Staff Development Plan Roosevelt (Olympia-85090) Free Register for Event 85090
85865 2/5/19 Olympia Bridges Unit Workgroup (Olympia-85865) Free Register for Event 85865
83299 2/13/19 Olympia Poverty in our schools: gaining an understanding and developing intervention strategies to disrupt poverty's impact on student achievement (Olympia-83299) Free Register for Event 83299
86247 2/20/19 Olympia High School Math Instructional Materials Adoption - Training for Pilot (Olympia-86247) Free Register for Event 86247
86503 Ongoing Olympia Olympia School District Induction Committee (Olympia-86503) With Anne Gallagher Free Register for Event 86503
85810 3/7/19 Olympia WA KIDS - Looking Forward (Olympia-85810) Free Register for Event 85810