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Exploring a classroom module with climate science themes

Exploring a classroom module with climate science themes

Invisible Forest - using STEAM to investigate the invisible world of phytoplankton

Wed, April 29 2020 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


  • Jen Eklund
  • Claudia Ludwig
  • Anne Thompson


This interactive session will introduce the STEAM curriculum module, Invisible Forest: What’s in a Drop of Seawater?  The “invisible forest” —diverse and beautiful micro-plants growing in our vast ocean — play important roles in driving Earth’s processes and cycles. But how do we study them? How do we know what changes in them have an impact on us? And why does it matter? 

Participants will learn how to guide students to ask and answer questions through this set of five NGSS-aligned lessons. Created by teachers and scientists, the lessons help build a citizenry of systems thinkers who understand the complexity of Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere. Using real-life ocean data about phytoplankton, participants will explore three-dimensional science that weaves in art to spark joy, to facilitate a unique way of showcasing learning, and to seamlessly integrate S-T-E-A-M together in the classroom. 

This will also highlight oceanography careers, strands for delivering content through phenomenon-based versus project-based learning, and how to visualize publically accessible ocean data in the classroom. Participants will walk away with freely-accessible materials and strategies to encourage problem-solving and exploration that ignites a true understanding of how disciplines are integrated in the real-world of scientific research.

Event Notes

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A few notes about the course:

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Preparing for the course:

 Please make sure that you are familiar with Zoom and how to use the features of Zoom before joining the course.

Thank you for registering for this course. We look forward to seeing you soon.


  • Wed, April 29 2020
    7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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