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WaKIDS 101 Online Training (August 1-15 C)

Teacher Training

August 1-15 2020 9:00 AM - 11:59 PM


  • Amber Havens


WaKIDS 101 is the one-time training required for all kindergarten teachers new to WaKIDS. This includes Transitional Kindergarten and certificated special education teachers who provide instruction to kindergarten students with disabilities. The training introduces all three components of WaKIDS, including its purpose, structure, and possibility. Participants will gain a better understanding of how observation is foundational to effective instruction and learn practical strategies for collecting, using, and sharing evidence. Teachers must successfully complete WaKIDS 101 in order to administer WaKIDS. Beginning July of 2020, the teacher training for WaKIDS 101 will be moved from a hybrid in-person and online course to a comprehensive online-only training course. Teachers will have two weeks from the start date of the online session they choose to complete the course and interrater reliability. 

Principals and administrators are able to join the Introduction to WaKIDS for District and School Administrators course. Please see our Events and Training for more detail.

Event Notes

Welcome to WaKIDS! During your online training, you will interact with a WaKIDS Instructor and other kindergarten teachers new to WaKIDS across the state. We are looking forward to working together with you to complete the required training for implementing WaKIDS, a very important part of the kindergarten entry process.    

  • You’ve been registered for Session 104677 for the training period of August 1-15, 2020.
  • WaKIDS 101 training materials will be mailed to the address you provided in pdEnroller. If you did not enter your home address, please go back into pdEnroller profile and include the address you would like your training materials mailed to.  Please note, due to school closures, materials will not be mailed to a district or school location.
  • Please visit the WaKIDS Events and Training Page for WaKIDS 101 Participant Training Instructions. These instructions outline the steps to be taken by teachers new to WaKIDS in order to be able to administer it fall 2020.
  • Several days before your training, you will receive an email to this address from with a link to the WaKIDS 101 online course.  This email will include log-in instructions.  
  • If you have questions about your upcoming WaKIDS 101 training course, please contract


  • August 1-15 2020 9:00 AM - 11:59 PM


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